Everything 搜索工具安装版


Everything 是速度最快的文件名搜索软件。其速度之快令人震惊,百G硬盘几十万个文件,可以在几秒钟之内完成索引;文件名搜索瞬间呈现结果。它小巧免费,支持中文,支持正则表达式,可以通过HTTP或FTP分享搜索结果。如果不满意Windows自带的搜索工具、Total Commander的搜索、Google 桌面搜索或百度硬盘搜索,如果正在使用或放弃了Locate32,都值得推荐这款体积小巧、免安装、免费、速度极快(比Locate32更快)的文件搜索工具Everything!


  • 快速文件索引
  • 快速搜索
  • 资源使用最少
  • 与他人轻松共享文件


  • Friday, 18 February 2019: Version
  • fixed an issue with really long filenames
  • fixed an issue when adding or removing an "include only" exclude.
  • fixed an issue with missing changes to excluded files.

Friday, 26 January 2019: Version

  • fixed a crash when gathering NTFS file information
  • fixed an issue with updating folder information

Friday, 11 January 2019: Version

  • fixed a crash with ntdll.dll
  • fixed a crash when renaming a folder with excluded subfolders
  • fixed an issue with calculating folder children counts when using folder excludes

Friday, 21 December 2018: Version

  • improved thread yielding
  • fixed an issue with Everything detecting renamed files
  • fixed an issue when restarting Everything would restart as administrator
  • fixed an icon overlay display issue
  • fixed an issue with detecting renamed files on ReFS volumes
  • fixed an issue with deleting or renaming ReFS folders
  • fixed an issue with loading shell extensions

Friday, 9 February 2018: Version

  • added .jpeg extension to the image information search functions
  • added support for cluster sizes larger than 64k
  • added preview_context ini setting
  • updated localization
  • fixed a crash when clearing search history
  • fixed a security issue when running a FTP server
  • fixed an issue preventing Everything from closing when pressing ESC
  • fixed an issue where Everything would lose the current sort after reindexing
  • fixed an issue when using invalid characters to rename a file
  • fixed a crash when rendering tall or wide images
  • fixed an issue when shutting down Everything would cause it to miss changes
  • fixed a memory alignment issue
  • fixed database corruption when renaming a folder when folder size indexing is enabled or when there is a folder exclude
  • fixed an issue with circular NTFS/ReFS folder parents